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Exhale is a breathwork and meditation app that gives users incredible benefits to improve their health, wellbeing, fitness and sleep. Breathwork is one of the fastest and safest ways to change someone's state of mind. Users will learn how to breathe optimally and efficiently, improve lung strength, handle stress and anxiety better, drift into deeper sleep, perform at their peak, and take their physical fitness to the next level. I designed, built and co-founded the app to offer free breathwork and meditation tools for all, inspired by the positive effects these practices have had on my life.

Brand Identity

I designed the Exhale identity to be fun, friendly and approachable. The app's user interface is intentionally simple to allow for seamless navigation, making it accessible to everyone.

The logo's distinct letterforms create a soft, welcoming aesthetic, setting the brand's tone. The primary brand colour is a vibrant green, bringing a fresh and clean feel. A dynamic secondary colour palette provides vivid colour combinations to complement the primary green.

The orb features throughout Exhale as a brand asset and as a living brand device. In all exercises, the orb guides users on the timing and intensity of each breath and can also provide cues for head movements required for specific practices.

Each breathwork exercise is influenced by colour theory, aiming to elicit an emotional response from users by using different colour tones and vibrancy. This approach helps users relax, energise, or concentrate, making the breathwork experience more effective and personalised.

Social, Ads & Copy

Illustrating the remarkable statistics and benefits of breathwork engagingly and educationally is crucial to the brand's appeal. This approach also helps demystify the practice of breathwork, thereby increasing its accessibility to a broader audience.

UX & Content

Exhale's UX design prioritises user convenience, with a core principle of delivering an easy-to-use experience. The navigation tab contains four sections that enable users to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Once logged in, users enter the Breathe tab. This section is the hub of breathwork exercises, including daily breathwork, breathwork meditation, lung strengthening, and breathwork tips. As the app evolves, this section will expand to include additional content and focus on more specific areas of breathwork.

The second tab, Listen, offers a unique feature called Breathscapes™, which are Exhale's interval breathing soundbites that come in durations of three to ten seconds. They provide users with a versatile tool to enhance their breathwork experience. Users can choose from various environments and use them for different purposes, including meditation, concentration, exercise, or stress relief.

The third tab, Read, is the home for breathwork-related articles linked to breathwork exercises within the app. Users can access valuable information on the benefits of breathwork, tips on improving their breathing techniques, and informative articles on how breathwork can benefit their physical and mental health.

The fourth tab, Sleep, is designed to promote relaxation of the mind and body, helping users to fall asleep more easily and gain a deeper sleep. The interface of this section changes its colour, making it easier for the eyes to use at night.

Illustration & Animation

The illustration style is straightforward and inclusive, avoiding overly abstract stylisation, enabling them to serve for both decorative and instructional purposes. Animations are calming and ordered, reflecting the natural rhythmic process of breathing.


You can download Exhale from the App Store and Google Play, it’s totally free. And if you're here, be sure to follow Exhale on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube & Facebook.

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