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Brand Strategy

JOM is a new restaurant in Hong Kong celebrating the nostalgic foods and flavours of Singaporean cuisine. In Malay, JOM translates to ‘come, let’s go’ and signifies the bond the founder had with his father, eating at local hawker stands when growing up. JOM serves a variety of small plates, meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles, and desserts - each a modern interpretation of a classic dish. Photography by Sixteen Photo.

Brand Identity

I designed JOM’s brand identity which is built on three core elements: impactful typography, snappy copy, and a flexible colour palette. These are all inspired by JOM’s hawker centre roots. Headline typography is bold and pronounced, with the curved edges of the type providing softness to the letterforms. Copy is always straight to the point, which replicates the hawker approach to get your attention. JOM’s colour palette features a primary and secondary set. The primary palette offers a sophisticated range of muted colours which provides a premium aesthetic. The secondary palette features a selection of vibrant colours which match the vivid food JOM serves. This palette is used more on social media and OOH, but can also complement the primary palette to give JOM a burst of colour when required.


The minimalist interiors of the restaurant draw focus to the vibrant food on offer. The combination of off-white seating, white stone marble tables, dark wood accents, and hints of the primary brand green create a high-end dining experience.


Since opening, JOM has had an overwhelming response with reviews and write-ups and has featured in Vogue, Time Out, and Tatler Asia. JOM’s homemade sambal has also been a hit, regularly selling out when the restaurant has stock.

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