NAH. (No Animals Harmed.) is a new takeaway based in London exclusive to UberEats. NAH is 100% vegan, ethically sourced, compostable, and delicious (I can vouch for this last part). As the name explains, no animals are harmed in any way as a result of NAH. I created and designed their brand identity which focuses on bold hand-drawn style typography and a vivid colour palette. Combining these two elements gives NAH a friendly, playful and distinct aesthetic in a rapidly growing vegan food and takeaway market.


Brand Identity


An integral part of the NAH identity is typography, with several typographic treatments used across the brand. NAH’s delicious typography burgers simple visualise what ingredients go into each burger and are printed on the corresponding burger boxes, and variable type animations bring words to life across the brand digitally.

Merch is an important aspect of growing the NAH. brand. Tote bags are regularly given out with orders, and there are regular social competitions to win freebies such as t-shirts, socks and badges. As popularity of the brand increases, merch will become evermore of importance for brand growth.

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