Brand Identity
Brand Strategy

NAH. (No Animals Harmed.) is a London-based vegan takeaway available exclusively on UberEats. As the name suggests, NAH is committed to ensuring that no animals are harmed in any way through its practices. Every aspect of NAH's operations, from the ingredients to the packaging, is 100% vegan, ethically sourced, and compostable.

I created and designed NAH's brand identity, emphasising bold hand-drawn typography and a vivid colour palette. This combination gives NAH a distinctive, friendly, playful aesthetic that stands out in the rapidly growing vegan food and takeaway market.


Typography plays a vital role in NAH's identity, with various typographic treatments used throughout the brand. NAH's delicious typography burgers visualise the ingredients of each burger, which are then printed on the corresponding burger boxes. Additionally, variable type animations bring words to life across the brand's digital platforms.


NAH recognises the significance of merchandising in expanding the brand's reach. The brand often includes tote bags with orders and conducts frequent social media giveaways for freebies such as t-shirts, socks, and badges. As NAH continues to gain popularity, merchandise will play an increasingly vital role in building and promoting the brand.

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